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Recruitment and selection refer to an organization’s chain and series of activities related to the recruitment and selection of employable applicants and job seekers. There are some well-defined jobs and recruiting policies and hiring procedures for any business, corporation, start-up, and entrepreneurial firm. At Guru Tech Solutions, the Best Recruitment Agency in Tirupati, we provide HR recruitment services where we carefully screen candidates who have increased employee retention ratios with all our customers. We also execute employee engagement programmers daily to help our customers improve employee productivity. We are not only recruiters for our customers but also an overall supporter of human capital.

We are practitioners with over 5 years of multi-disciplinary specialization in project planning, feasibility research, execution, branding, digital marketing, recruitment, training, systemization processes & most relevant accounting & finance management.


To achieve corporate objectives of sustainability, development, and, above all, happier consumers, suppliers, and workers, Guru Tech Solutions is transforming companies in how they function, manufacture, and serve.


We work with your teams to drive improvements in operations and accomplishments that improve the opportunity to manage brand equity in turn. To recognize particular needs and develop a unique plan for achieving success, we research the organizational elements. The effect is nothing short of outstanding growth-oriented teams, decreasing routine participation in management, and holding your attention to bigger and better organizational scalability aspects. Today, our pro-customer attitude and commitment to providing the most effective and economical way to provide the best solution for our customers’ requirements.

For its development and performance, our customer-centered approach to delivering a total HR solution is useful. Our vision is based on our Profit Center’s autonomous operation while supporting the requirements of other Profit Centers, thereby leveraging the IPS Group’s overall effectiveness. In a brief period, by expertly managing mass recruitment for different companies. We currently handle payroll for a lot of employees with many businesses and control more than 200+ employees with different businesses on a contract basis. For research, interviewing, and evaluation, we have professional and effective workers. The selection process is performed by individuals with immense expertise and experience in the field, enabling us to promptly answer your request.

Through offering solutions are available for:

  • Executive Search & Selection
  • Middle Management Recruiting,
  • Project Focused Recruiting,
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We work with our clients to expand their business potential. With our decade-long knowledge in the field, we have successfully produced solutions for all forms of unique requirements of the global and local business industries. Job recruiting, recruitment services, staffing services, and other related services are included in our service selection. We are a recognized association active in the provision of staffing agencies. Our dexterous workforce’s continuous efforts allow us to make these services useful and timely. Under the diligence of our skilled professionals who have immense industrial skills, these services are delivered. We use new and industry-leading trading techniques to prevent any inconvenience during the rendering of these services.

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