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We, the job consultancy agency in Tirupati also have a variety of empty vacancies and appropriate applicants. Yet businesses cannot find suitable workers, and because of inadequate access to each other, eligible individuals do not get suitable jobs. It is challenging to get the right placement for the company and its best employee, despite tough competition in the job market. As a placement counselor, we have a link between job providers and job seekers. We include tailor-made strategies and take reasonable steps to minimize the complexity associated with the software’s placement and structure according to the company’s needs. We also guide and support job seekers to find a better career and equal prospects.

We, Guru Tech Solutions, are the most healthy and loyal organization and the best job Consultant agency in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, which can pull you out from your miserable nightmares. We try to help all of our clients by listening to their problems and giving them solutions accordingly. We won’t fail our customers; that is our promise.

With the platform, the organization can register its workers’ vacancy positions and seek our services to locate and employ eligible individuals for their positions, thereby saving time and money as we have experience and comprehensive network work. We cop up with several organizations and works on both hands. Either it can be the candidate who needs a job. On the other hand, it can also happen that the company or organization needs loyal candidates as they are perusing vacancies.

Our bid to firms:

Cost-free registration of vacancies with qualification information, experience, place of posting, offered compensation package, benefits, and benefits available.
In framing these details, we extend our support, if necessary.
Pre-recruitment formalities are conducted, such as shortlisting, calling applicants for the recruitment test/interview, facilitating the execution of the test/interview at the required time and place, and outlining the terms and conditions and smooth offering and acceptance of employment.
A cordial relationship between the client companies and us is encouraged.

Our loyalty to prospective workers:

  • Free of cost registration for a good position, with qualifications information, experience, preferred place of posting, amount of compensation to be paid to the current employers, if any, salary package planned benefits and benefits aspired, etc.
  • We guide the preparation of resumes, registration, the improvement of career skills, and the best career they can pursue.
  • We philter the vacancy data according to the eligibility for the position and assist the applicants by imparting knowledge and skills testing either in an online test or in an offline test and interview.
  • If the applicants are not satisfied with one recruitment, the areas to be strengthened for the next opportunity will be checked, informed, and trained accordingly.
  • Candidates will pursue advice and preparation in the future and have career opportunities for better work.
  • We will be in touch to chart the candidate’s career progress to meet their life ambitions.

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