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With the increasing importance of business websites to establish the reputation of a company, a lot of focus is being given to the appearance and user-friendliness of a site. Also, the company logo, cards, and other product designs build the image and reputation of a brand. To help you out with all the design-related needs of your business, Guru Tech Solutions, digital marketing and IT company based in Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati is offering high-quality and affordable graphics and logo designing services to its clients. Since its beginning in 2015, the company has guided thousands of Indian businesses to grow and earn more revenues.

Best Graphics And Logo Designing Agency In Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

The graphics and logo designing services of Guru Tech Solutions have a wide range of options which include-

Graphic And Logo Designing Services By Guru Tech Solutions


  • Designing Logos: Logo helps people to identify a company because it is the primary key of a reputed brand. The skilled team of Guru Tech solutions makes unique logos for online as well as offline marketing so that people can recognize your brand quickly. Their designed logos create an impression on the audience’s mind and attract them towards the brand.
  • Packaging Design: No matter how high-quality products you offer to your customers, an old fashioned and dull packaging never becomes successful in catching the eye of customers. Therefore, Guru Tech Solutions ensure that the packaging of your product stands out among other alternatives in a store.
  • Brochure Design: Though brochure is a bit old fashioned in the digital age, academic institutions still preferred a well designed and easily understandable brochure for promoting their courses.
  • Newsletter Designing: In case you want to keep in touch with the subscribers of your blog or website regularly, a newsletter is the most efficient tool for marketing. The expert group of web and designers in Guru Tech Solutions creates an appealing and smooth newsletter. Also, they design the user interface of your website with stylish motion graphics.
  • Custom Business Card Designs: Your business card can roam around several hands. Therefore, an aesthetic looking and readable business card with all the necessary details can persuade your clients to contact you for getting the necessary products and services.
  • Poster Designs: Poster should have the capability of catching the public’s eye with their classic appearance. Also, they should contain the required information so that the client can communicate with you according to his or her needs.
  • Editing Videos And Images: Besides the designing services, the team of Guru Tech Solutions is also skilled at creating correctly edited photos and promotional videos to add to your website.

What is the aim of Guru Tech Solutions?

The aim that Guru Tech Solutions have behind offering such services include-

  • Creating scope for youngsters to find employment or start their independent business.
  • Catering best quality services within the given deadline and budget of the clients.
  • Providing paid internship opportunities to students to offer them on-job experience.

Recently, in 2020, Kiran Kumar Chowdary has built Guru Tech Solutions as a registered and reputed company for digital marketing and technological services. You can just dial the contact number or visit the store of Guru Tech Solutions to get the best design solutions for your company.

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